Modified House League Program

Updated Wednesday February 17, 2016 by Toronto Stars Lacrosse Association.


This upcoming season we intend to adopt elements from the Canadian Lacrosse Association’s,

“Lacrosse for Life” Stages, which is founded by the Long-Term Athlete Development framework.


Many lacrosse clubs have modified their house league programs for younger players, Peanut,

Tyke and Novice, whereby full contact is removed or modified.  This allows new players starting

out to learn the skills of the game with less emphasis on body contact.


Highlighted are the associated changes for the key age groups.

Mini-Tyke (aka, Peanut)

Option L or A  or X (or a combination of the three)

Body position in place of contact

No goalies


Option L or A (or a combination of the two)

Place and push, Equal pressure in place of contact

5 on 5, or 4 on 4 formats depend on numbers
Novice & Older

Full contact



Visit the Canadian Lacrosse Associations website, Lacrosse for Life LTD Stages for additional information.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding these modifications we would be happy to hear from you.


Mini-Tyke & Peanut